Bonnie (boni_bon) wrote in if_icontest,

Ok, so I'm posting this weeks challenge earlier as i want as much time as possible for this challenge, and loads of entries! I took this idea from xtina_challenge as i think its just a cool idea!

Basically we are in need of a new userinfo page, and i'm opening it up for you to make one! Seeing as this is a diferent type of challenge, please make sure and read the rules :)

Challenge #29 - UserInfo

- Must Make a USERINFO COMPLETE SET. The completed set must have
- Userinfo Header (within the limits of 500x350) Must say if_icontest
- Barriers (Same width as the header, height 10px) No Text.
- 1 "Join Today" Advertisement (250x300) must have if_icontest on.
- 2 Ad Buttons (must be 100x35) must either have if_icontest on it.

The Theme for this challenge is "What if_icontest means to you". So, basically, go wild!

- Comments are screened.
- You may use any pictures.
- Do not show anyone your work.

I know there is a lot of work there, so you have TWO weeks to complete your sets :)

Deadline : Saturday 28th October Midday GMT

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